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Novelty & ‘Books Plus’ Production


A course covering different product types including children's board books, children's bath books, touch & feels, pop up children books, books plus and books with electronics.  Learn the different processes involved, the key elements to consider when costing and scheduling and the best ways of specifying your products clearly and succinctly. 

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InDesign for Production


This one day InDesign course in London is made for those handling and checking book production files. It covers familiar problems including managing fonts, checking image resolution, document size and trims, correct use of layers for text and special finishes, checking colours and transparent elements.

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Understanding Colour for Print


Learn how colour works and confidently take the right decisions whether preparing colour files for print or passing a job on press. The day includes a good combination of theory and practical work, with lots of visuals - covering colour profiles, colour management, resolution and sharpness

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